Personal brand is a business asset.


Your marketing perfomance is calculated by its return on investment (ROI). i.e. how much increase in assets (tangible sales and intangible branding) in proportion of how much you spend.

One way to increase long-term ROI exponentially is to build a strong personal branding foundation BEFORE your marketing efforts. That means to identify your brand personality, colors and style, and incorporate them into your visual marketing from the very beginning.

This way, you are more likely to attract ideal clients, who are more likely to be converted to paying clients and your loyal supporters, even when your business evolves or pivots in the future.

Another way to increase long-term ROI is to utilise the tactics of attraction marketing, including creating your brand personality, using storytelling and mastering the right business mindset in marketing and sales to attract your ideal clients.


Brand Personality

In human relationships, your personality has a unique charisma that draws people’s attention and affection towards you. In personal branding, a brand personality is a brand asset that draws your ideal clients attention and affection towards you.

The most important quality of an attractive brand personality is AUTHENTICITY, UNIQUENESS, and RELATABILITY.

In essence, your brand personality should not be fake or “wannabe” but a true snapshot representation of who you are – your authenticity, uniqueness and your stories.

It can be challenging to find out your brand personality by yourself, it’s almost like asking yourself: “Who am I? What defines me?” That’s when I come in with my professional tools and consulting skills to help you identify your authentic, unique and relatable personality.


“Not only is she a wizard at what she does and an expert in her field, but also an amazing person who can ‘listen’ to the needs you cannot express with words and help you develop a personal brand that is truly you. The whole process was like a rebirth for me.” – Evdoxia Stoupi, Spiritual Coach and Reiki Teacher


Brand Unique Selling Point (USP)

This basically answers one question: “What is unique about your personal brand that brings sales?” This can be your brand personality, your personal story, your unique background, your unique business model or skillsets.

No matter what it is, when you focus your marketing effort on promoting that one USP, it will help you raise the most brand awareness and sales.


“Yannan can see the possibilities in anything, especially the possibilities in YOU.” – Liz Riley, Branding Photographer.


Brand Identity and Positioning

In business terms, brand positioning is a measurement of your brand in the minds of your customer in comparison with your competitors.

However, that is only 50% of the case when it comes to personal branding.

Personal branding is a representation of you, and so your brand identity should be inherently different from anyone else, thus already have a unique brand positioning.

Essentially, personal branding’s positioning focuses on your value, competence, expertise and USP (unique selling point)

Maybe it is your background and experiences, your unique skillsets or natural talents, your business connections and service packages, or even your transformational brand story that set you apart from your competition.

In any case, in order to be the “bestseller”, you need to position yourself as an expert in order to attract the income, influence and recognition you desire.


“After working with Yannan, I was able to start a group which got me a number of quality members in a couple of days. This is a breakthrough for my business because exposure to the right audience is essential for coaching.” – Andrea Geronimo, Life Coach




Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has the power to double your convesion rate. Let’s say you currently have 10 clients/month, and you have a 500 people audience, that is a 2% conversion rate. If we can double that to 4%, when you grow your audience to 1,000 people, you will have 40 clients/month! That would be a dream for any business.


How does content marketing convert? In the modern world of social media, content marketing consists of everything you put out there that people can consume, including podcasts, blogs, videos, and picture posts. It doesn’t matter which form you choose to use, you will only be able to convert audience into paying clients when they can relate to you, trust you, respect your value and think you can help them.


“I have Yannan to thank for clue-ing me into this. Been fun and it’s been wonderful to get good feedback and feel like I am helping in a small way whilst exposing myself to the right audience. I’ve since had a couple more clients.” – Ryan Sharp, Business Owner and Coach

Brand Storytelling

In personal branding, storytelling is a very important skill to learn, because when done right, it triples the effectiveness of all your other marketing efforts.

Telling your personal story does not mean sharing your most dramatic life experience, but to share a personal transformation that your audience can learn from.

When your story is authentic and relatable, they are very inspiring and empowering for others, and they will be more likely to want to work with you.


Signature Program Creation

Your signature program can make or break your business. A well-cultivated signature program can be repurposed from a 1:1 package, to 12 people group coaching, to a 3,000 people transformational event. And that can be your life’s work – one that you will be recognised for and remembered by.

Your signature program should be a reflection of your mission on earth, what transformation do you want to bring to the world – and it should be reflected in your program. That’s why your signature program must go hand in hand with your personal brand, both reflecting who you are as a person.


Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing statistically yields the highest ROI in all marketing efforts, comparing to paying for social media ads or a copywriter or graphic designer.

Attraction marketing has three important components:

  1. Cultivating trust and relationship with your audience;
  2. Authentic storytelling to attract the ideal audience;
  3. and expert positioning to convert an audience into clients.


“All thanks to Yannan’s coaching me to brand seamlessly and own my niche completely. 600+ followers since Friday night, Happy Monday!!” – Manda McCullough, Relationship and Intimacy Coach


Brand Colors and Style

Once your brand personality is defined, it is demonstrated visually by brand colors and style.

Visual elements consist of 70% of the communication, whilst words only 30%.  Your colors and visual components will be speaking to your clients’ subconscious before they even read the texts. Therefore, it is vital to choose colors and style that truly represent you to attract your ideal clients, rather than repel them.

Color palettes we created: