Evdoxia Stoupi
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Evdoxia Stoupi

Coaching, Consulting, Design, Digital Branding, Website
About This Project

Evdoxia’s business was built on 100% word of mouth and offline connections. Her revenue stream was extremely steady – non-stop client requests, training workshops and client referrals kept her fulfilled. That is, until recently.

Six months ago, she relocated to a country 2,000 miles away, where networking offline is almost impossible. It’s time to move her business online. She soon realised that without an online reputation, she is no one but another life coach.

But change is a good thing. Now she can focus on building an online personal brand that attracts clients and opportunities from all over the world. From local to global, only within 3 weeks of working with me on brand identity, design and web development, she has tripled her hourly rate and attracted two new clients.

Evdoxia Stoupi, Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master: “I realised my website doesn’t represent who I am or what I want to show the world, and now I feel more and more confident with my online presence. You’ve transformed my business. So thank you!”