My name is Yannan Li.

I'm a personal branding strategist.

I'm here to help you attract quality clients, opportunities and recognition in the niche that you want to be known for.

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Only one week after we launched the new brand, a prospect said to me ‘look at your brand, you are clearly the BEST at what you do. Thanks, Yannan!

Tom Smith
Esports Consultant (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Yannan can see the possibilities in anything, especially – the possibilities within YOU.

Liz R.
Professional Photographer (London, UK)

The inspiring and creative approach of Yannan helped us in crafting the right things to attract the very good people around us!

Adel A.
CEO at AirBliss+® (London, UK)

You’re so gifted, talented, warm, compassionate, creative and people-oriented. You’re a breath of fresh air and an inspiration! You have so much to offer the world, the universe needs you!

Evdoxia S.
Reiki Master (Libreville, Gabon)

How We Work

Signature Branding Package


An 8-week transformational branding experience that consists of weekly coaching with Yannan, and complete branding design + makeover with a team of multi-award winning designers.


Magnetic Brand Makeover


Our team of multi-award winning designers will work on your brand simultaneously. In 4 weeks, you will have 3 hours of brand consultation time and receive a complete design makeover.


Customized Package.

No personal brand is the same. Thus why we are more than happy to provide personalised design packages to meet your needs. Enter your details below and we'll schedule a call with you.


Testimonial & Case Studies

  • I’m having a social media Instagram “win”! All thanks to Yannan coaching me to brand seamlessly and own my niche completely. 600+ followers since Friday night. Happy Monday!!
    Manda M.
    Relationship Coach.
  • I love the way you handle things. I enjoy our sessions very much. You are reassuring and you seem to know what you are doing. I love the homework after the sessions. I also love the fact that you always have your client’s best interest in mind.
    Evdoxia S.
    Reiki Master.
  • A couple of weeks since I launched my new personal brand, I had a collaboration opportunity with a marketing agency that is looking at the entry strategy for Esports industry. The client commented on my new brand during our first call: “Looking at your brand, you are clearly the BEST at what you do in your industry.' That was exactly what I’ve hoped for. Thanks, Yannan!
    Tom S
    CEO, Esports consultant.
  • I had doubts about who my ideal clients are and how to best convey the message about what I am offering to them. This made me a bit hesitant and indecisive in progressing with my development project. After working with Yannan, I got more clarity regarding the direction I want to take, and it also helped to recognise some internal resources, that I wasn’t aware of before. Additionally, she offered valuable advice from personal experience. If you’re on the fence about working with Yannan, you should definitely go for it, as you will have a great professional and a lovely person in front of you to guide, consult and coach you on your way to success.
    Marija R.
    Corporate Trainer & Coach.
  • I had a hard time connecting with my audience. It was challenging to figure out on my own, so I decided to work with Yannan. After working with her, I have been able to identify several impactful opportunities to reach my target audience, saving me time and money. I won’t be wasting any of those marketing dollars talking to the masses on every social media platform. I know exactly where to focus. Perhaps you are also a little confused about where to start. Yannan was insightful and fast. She helped me get the gist of my frustration. I bet she can help you, too.
    Ryan S.
    Business Coach, CPC
  • Before working with Yannan I was hesitant to put my message out there which kept my coaching business from moving forward. After working together, I was able to start a group that got me quite a number of quality members in just a couple of days. This is a breakthrough for my business because exposure to the right audience is essential to a coach. If you are on the fence about working with Yannan, you should take a leap because she is fun to talk to, offers new information and she was able to help me big time in such a short time."
    Andrea G.
    Life coach

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